A Tour of St. Peter & St. Paul Stained Glass

“Under Construction”

Our Beautiful Stained Glass windows tell the Gospel story for all who come to worship God at St. Peter & St. Paul. Follow the links below for a tour of each window and the story it tells. This tour includes renderings of designs for windows that have yet to be purchased.
 Window by Window:

Narthex Windows:
1. Psalm 23
2. St. Peter
3. St. Paul
4. Psalm 121
From the Crossing:
5. Old Testament Window
6. Nativity Window
7. New Testament Window
8. Resurrection Window
Side aisles: lower level: The Ministry of Jesus
9. Son of God
10. Friend of Sinners
11. The Teacher
12. Intimate Ministry
13. Leader of the People
14. Great Physician
15. Miracles
Side Aisles: Clerestory (upper level): The Sacraments
16. Baptism
17. Holy Eucharist
18. Reconciliation
19. Confirmation
20. Matrimony
21. Holy Orders
22. Anointing the Sick
23. Praise & Prayer
Legacy Windows:
24. Stained Glass of the 1983 building
25. Bell Tower Window
26. Vesting Room Window
27. Creation Window of Creation Chapel