Meet our Vestry and Lay Leaders

The Vestry is a board of lay leaders for Episcopal parishes, with oversight of the finances and maintenance of the property. Three members are elected at each annual meeting in November, and serve three calendar years. With the Rector (senior pastor), the Vestry and officers help to lead the parish in our mission of Growing Disciples of Jesus Christ.

The many ministries of the parish are gathered together in Ministry “Forums.” Each Forum has a leader and Vestry Liaison. Most of the Forums have several teams, each with Team Leaders. Contact the leaders below to learn how to get involved. Check out the links under “Ministries” to read more about all the ministry teams and contact the team leaders.
​You can remember the Forums with the Acronym: SWEEPS BiG!

Vestry Officers and Members

Tom Gotschall
Tom Gotschall Senior Warden
Serving 2021
The Senior Warden is the chief lay leader, working closely with the Rector.
The Senior Warden is elected annually by the Vestry and serves on the Executive Team.

Dale Dodson
Dale DodsonJunior Warden
Liaison to Service and Buildings & Grounds.
The Junior Warden is elected annually by the Vestry, serves a one year term,
and serves on the Executive Team.
Chuck Matheson
Chuck MathesonTreasurer
The Treasurer is elected annually by the Vestry for one year and serves on the Executive Team.
Susan Sherrard
Susan SherrardClerk
Liaison to Service & Children’s Ministry Lead.
​The Clerk is elected annually by the Vestry for one year and serves on the Executive Team.
EV Bennett
EV BennettRecorder
Elected annually by the vestry for one year.


Dale Dodson
Dale DodsonLiaison to Stewardship & Finance
Serving –

Jonathan Nadybal
Jonathan NadybalLiaison to Pastoral Care & Finance
Serving –
Larry Kelley
Larry KelleyLiaison to Evangelism
Serving 2019-2021
John Clark
John ClarkLiaison to Worship
Serving 2020-2022
Leigh Mickalonis
Leigh MickalonisLiaison to Education
Serving –
Merrilee Allen
Merrilee AllenLiaison to Service
Serving 2019-2021

​Ministry Forum Leaders

Tom Martin
Tom MartinService
Roger Sherrard
Roger SherrardStewardship
Greg Doherty
Greg DohertyBuildings & Grounds

​Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Men dedicated to Prayer, Study & Service

Keith Purser
Keith Purser

Daughters of the King

Women dedicated to Prayer and Service

Amy Stillwell
Amy Stillwell