Kid’s Consignment Sale

January 31 – February 1, 2020

Drop-off: Tuesday, January 28th, 7am – 12noon and 3p – 8pm
Volunteer Sale: Thursday, January 30th, 6pm – 8pm
         Super Volunteers shop at 5pm!!
Opening Day: Friday 9am – 6pm January 31st
Discount 30% Day: Saturday 9am – 12noon February 1st

TO SELL: Sellers receive 70% of the selling price with ALL items being reduced by 30% on Saturday. A $5 marketing fee will be deducted from your total to cover advertising. There is a 25item minimum to participate. The maximum number of items you can sell is 300. As a seller, you are required to work one 2-hour volunteer shift. There is a $20 fee if you do not volunteer and you are a seller.

WE ACCEPT: We accept spring/summer children’s clothing (newborn to size 16, juniors), maternity clothes, toys, baby equipment, bedding, shoes and accessories. We accept cribs for resale with a born on date after June 28, 2011. All cribs are to have a born on date or manufactured date. We will check these dates for resale.

Consignor Homepage (to register, volunteer, create tags, print your tally sheet, check items sold during the sale)

Worker Registration (for non-sellers)

Trouble Registering? Questions? Contact Merielle Struchen via e-mail or contact E.V. Bennett via e-mail.

VOLUNTEER SALE: We also are offering a couple of volunteer shifts that are super volunteer shifts. On Thursday and Saturday, we need volunteers to put out the sale yard signs. It is best done by 2 people/one car. You will be given a map and signs. This volunteer spot gets you in at 5pm to shop! Volunteers who work 2+ shifts qualify as super volunteers and can shop at 5PM!

Join us to shop on Thursday evening from 6-8 pm to get the best selection! Volunteer to work one 2-hour shift to qualify. (No non-volunteers allowed to shop at the pre-sale.) Free childcare for children age 10 and younger is provided during your volunteer shift. When you select your shift, add a second childcare shift so we can prepare for your kids. All Childcare must be reserved in advance. If you want to volunteer but not sell, sign up as a worker and pick your volunteer time.

If you have a teenager who needs service hours we have special volunteer spots just for them! We would be happy to sign off on service hours for Scouts, Jr. ROTC, or for High School Graduation.

To sign up to volunteer

REGISTERING FOR CHILDCARE: Supervised childcare is provided for children of our Volunteer workers with prearranged reservation.

DROP OFF: Drop off is the Tuesday prior to the sale. Bring your tally sheet and tagged items. Make sure you mark all items as “yes” for discount. All items are 30% off on Saturday. You will be asked to put the items on racks and on the floor. It will speed the process if you pre-sort them by gender and size. Clothes and other items will be reviewed for stains and wear.

PICK UP: Items that are marked for donation will be picked up on Saturday. You must pick up your unsold items between 2:00pm and 3:00pm or they will be donated to charity. You may print your donation inventory report online and use it as your donation receipt.

TAGGING ITEMS: Make sure you mark your items as “yes” for discount. All items are 30% off on Saturday. You must use our software to produce tags and your tally sheet. All tags must be attached to clothing items with a safety pin (no staples or straight pins). Hangers need to have the hook open on the left side to make it easy for shoppers. Pants and shorts should be attached to the top of the hanger to make it easier for people to see them.
Maternity Clothes: You may sell up to 10 items that are maternity. They need to be real maternity clothes and not just something worn during maternity.

NEW!!! Juniors clothing and Designer Purses. There is no limit for either of these categories. We accept Juniors and Young Men Clothing.

Cribs: We do accept cribs. They need to have been manufactured after June 28, 2011. There will be a Born on Date sticker visible on the crib.

Make sure you mark your items as “yes” for discount. All items are 30% off on Saturday. And, be sure to mark each item as “to be donated” or returned. Be as detailed as possible in your item description (For example – Yellow Carter’s Sleeper with Bunnies). We can sometimes find an item without a tag by using our software. Label things as “2-pieces” when appropriate. Attach shoes together in clear bags or with ties to keep them from being separated. Toys, puzzles and games must be in working order and with all pieces. Exceptions must be noted on the tag. Toys with small pieces must be stapled or taped inside a clear bag. We recommend putting batteries in toys to help them sell.