One of the wonderful ministries we have had to pause during COVID is Family Promise. Since we are not able to host homeless families in our church, we have adjusted our ministry and donated money from our budget during each of our hosting weeks to help offset costs for food and other necessities the families need. Our volunteers look forward to the time we can again host these precious families in our building.

The families being served by Family Promise are now staying in three different transitional houses that are normally used as a temporary place for families who had come to the end of their allotted time staying in the various host churches each week, but weren’t quite ready to get an apartment. During COVID, Family Promise has had to change their model and use these transitional houses for the families to stay in instead of them moving from church to church each week. The donation we make during what would have been our regular hosting weeks continues to allow the families to save money on food and supplies so they can focus on saving to be able to move into permanent housing.


Another donation St. Peter and St. Paul made about a year ago is playing a big part in making the transitional houses a safe and comfortable place for the families to stay.  When we raised money for the Carpenter’s Work Plan, a wise decision was made to give 10% of what we collected to two of our outreach ministries, Holy Comforter and Family Promise.  $26,000 was donated to Family Promise. While we did not anticipate that these transitional houses would need to become more permanent because of COVID, the money has gone to very good use. They have been using the money to make repairs to all three of the transitional houses as well as the Day Center. Roof repairs, plumbing and electrical improvements as well as some cosmetic updates have made the transitional houses not only more basically livable, but also more pleasant places to stay. Improvements to the Day Center make it a nicer place for the staff and the families who use the counseling and job placement resources available to them at that location.

This is a good reminder that all things come from God. Our money, (actually His money) is being used to serve His people and for that we say “Thanks be to God!”

Tom Gotschall