2020 Statistics & Ministry Review for St. Peter & St. Paul (Parish Update Meeting, 2/21/21)

The COVID pandemic impacted everyone in 2020, including the church. However, despite not being able to worship in our building since mid-March, several ministries have been sustained by God’s grace. We did welcome some new members, and, as always, some moved, died, or left. We will not know clearly who quietly disconnected until after the pandemic dust settles.

In 2020, we welcomed 15 new Active Baptized Members, including 7 new households (compared to 62 from 24 in 2019). Six people died and 21 people from 8 households moved out of town, left, or drifted away, thus were listed as inactive. There is usually a lag in time before we decide to reclassify someone as “inactive” unless we know for sure they’ve left.

Our total is 938 Active Baptized Members from 412 households (vs. 950 from 396 in 2019).

We also have over 120 people from over 50 households who have not officially joined, but who are active in many ways.

Our Average Sunday Attendance in 2020 from January 1 through March 1 was 379, compared to 388 the year before (roughly the same, since last year’s numbers included Easter). We tracked online participation, though there is no direct correlation between views, clicks and our standard attendance count. Participation was high through Easter into May, but by June, the number of views reduced, and have been roughly steady since the end of summer at around 85 peak concurrent views during the premiere, and 160 total views over the course of the Sunday. This also reflects in-person services, which started in September. Saturday services tended to gather 30-40 people and Sundays 25-30 people, until the weather got cold. There is no sign of when the bishop will change policies about worshipping indoors.

Special services were heavily restricted during COVID. We had 7 funerals, one wedding and two Baptisms (vs. 14 Funerals and 8 Baptisms, and 22 confirmed or received in 2019). We are planning a brief confirmation service for next month at special times, for those who were prepared last year.

Take note of the report of activities by other ministries. There are a few important statistics among them, but the full story needs to be told, especially in Service and Pastoral Care. One number among them is the involvement of 238 adults in over 17 different Bible Studies or other small groups that either continued or started during COVID.

Our age demographics are roughly:

22% Children & Youth

13% Young Adults

24% Middle Adults (40-59)

41% seniors (60+)

This is roughly the same as last year, with a 1% shift from Children to Young Adults, and 2% from middle adults to Seniors. In normal years, we would welcome more young families.

39% of the parish has joined since 2011 (32% since 2014).

Welcome to new Vestry Members: Jonathan Nadybal, and Leigh Mickalonis. Susan Sherrard was elected to fill the vacancy in our election this year. EV Bennet is our new Recorder.

Our Officers are:

Senior Warden: Tom Gotschall                     

Junior Warden: Tom Whitfield

Treasurer: Chuck Matheson                          

Clerk: Susan Sherrard

Recorder: EV Bennet                                                                       

Assistant Treasurer: JoAnn Gotschall

Other vestry members are Merilee Allen, John Clark, Dale Dodson and Kendall Gilreath, our Youth Vestry Member.

Financial highlights:

2020 revenue was down, but expenses were also down, and we ended the year with a five thousand dollar surplus. We were even able to save money for future capital needs as we have done for the last several years. However, the pledges for 2021 are down by 37 pledges and $165,000 (-14% in both numbers). Our pledge total in mid-January was 221 pledges for $929,255. This compares to 2020 pledges a year ago at 257 pledges for $1,094,218. Some of this comes from active members moving out of state, some of this comes from direct COVID economic impacts, some from uncertainty, and some of this probably comes from reduced connection with the church during COVID. We have balanced the 2021 budget through careful spending, some belt tightening, and the use of the PPP loan, which was recently approved for forgiveness.

Rebuilding to a sustainable place will be an important task for us this year. We will need to close that gap in 2022 without the PPP loan, so rebuilding ministry, engagement and membership starting now will be key. Everyone’s contribution makes a difference—in ministry and in finances. Please continue to pray and give and get engaged so that our mission will thrive in 2021 and in the future.


See the new flier of ministry opportunities coming soon that outlines the numerous ways that people can still be involved in ministry at St. Peter & St. Paul. Here are a few highlights from 2020: Adult and Youth programs continued online (with youth back in person in the fall). Fifteen small groups continued to gather online, and we added at least two new groups. All of our groups involved 238 adults in some way in 2020. Children’s programming continued online and with weekly mailings. Music continued with online worship services, organ recitals, and short lessons on the history of some of our hymns. Choirs and other ministries met online to stay connected.

Service ministries continued with behind the scenes work, including Hope for the Hungry who fed an average of 270 people per month in 2020, a significant increase from prior years. Special thanks to the media team for keeping our worship services running online, especially to John Clark who devotes hours of time each week to producing high quality videos of our Sunday service (and special services too). We have even welcomed new members through our online contacts with web, social media, emails, videos and Zoom. Buildings and Grounds tackled a number of projects this year, including a Memorial Garden fence, dishwasher repair, utilities and internet to the Pavilion, sealing and striping the parking lot, painting, and many other projects.

Our focus for 2021 will be engagement, leadership development, and a robust restart. God has blessed us in 2020, and God will continue to empower us for ministry in the days ahead. Please continue to pray and engage in ministry and invite others in.