Dear Friends in Christ,

After consulting widely and studying the weather closely, we need to cancel the 5PM and 7PM drive-in services tonight. One forecast still shows some rain after 4PM, which would interfere with set-up, but the larger issues are the wind and cold temperatures. With wind around 20 miles per hour, and gusts up to 30, the forecasted 38 and 33 degree temperatures for each service will feel like the low 20s for the crew of people making the service work. With that wind, it will be hard to keep items on the altar from blowing off, and the microphone will pick up so much noise that the audio might be hard to hear. The National Weather Service has a weather alert out with concerns about black ice beginning this afternoon, making the roads, the parking lot and the stage hazardous. When we add it all up, for a service with limited visibility in cars and recorded music, the challenges and risks seem too great. The one loss, of course, is the chance to receive Holy Communion on this great feast, and that is a loss indeed, one that we have born for many months in this pandemic.

In my praying about this decision, however, I could sense God smiling. Not for the loss of the services, but smiling because his people hunger and thirst to come and praise him for his grace and love. The worship in the hearts of his people continues, even as we are apart, and our eagerness to praise God will drive us back together for a more full experience of the body of Christ when we can get back inside. Please take this desire that you feel tonight and lift your hearts in praise to God for all his blessings, even in this unpredictable year.

Please download the bulletin for tonight’s service here, and join us here at 5PM for our online Christmas Eve Service. Stay warm and dry, healthy and safe, and may God bless you with a deeper sense of his love for you tonight.

Yours in Christ,