Adult Christian Formation

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Women’s Bible Study, 9:00 AM

Contact Eileen Mittleider:


Growing Christian Families

(for parents of children through 5th grade), 9:00 AM

Contact John Clark:


THRIVE for Parents of Youth (Grades 6 – 12), 9:00 AM

Contact Kim Nancarrow:



Morning Prayer, 7 AM

Contact Chuck Matheson:



Golden Girls Bible Study, 10 AM

Contact Priscilla Swart:


Evening Prayer and Small Group Fellowship, 7-8 PM

Contact Larry Kelley:


Small Group, 7 PM

Contact JoAnn Gotschall:


Education For Ministry (“EFM”), 7-8:30 PM

Contact Bernadette Watts:



Book Study, 10 AM

Contact Amy Stillwell:



Men’s Bible Study, 7 AM

Contact John Bareham:


Education For Ministry (“EFM”), 7-8:30 PM

Contact Bernadette Watts:



Men’s Bible/Book Study, 8:30 AM

Contact Justin Streeter:



Ladies Lectionary Class, 10:30 AM

Contact Amy Stillwell:


Brotherhood, 8 AM every other Saturday

Contact Chuck Matheson:

Coming Soon!

Lead Like Jesus

Contact Tom Martin:

NOTE: Dates and times are subject to change. Also, Small Groups are always forming and could be added at additional days and times.


Children’s Ministry

The fall curriculum for children’s ministry will focus on helping our kids dig in and know who God is and how much He loves them. On Sundays and through the week, Bible stories, music videos, and fun activities will be posted on our Facebook Group Page, St Peter and St Paul Children’s Ministry, which is accessible through our church Facebook Page @SPSPEpiscopal. Each child enrolled in children’s ministry will also continue to receive a weekly mailing. If you are not on this list and would like to be, please contact Nancy in the church office via email at


Youth Ministry

CONNECT, our small groups program for grades 6th-12th resumes virtually from 9 AM to 10:15 AM on Sunday mornings. Then once a month, your CONNECT group will meet in person on Sunday afternoon for face to face games and discussion in the Pavillion at church. We will also host webinars for parents and fun events for youth.