Can you believe that we are halfway through June already? If this was a typical summer in June, we would also be halfway through our “Sundays in June” MUST summer lunch packing! I have missed not being able to see your smiling faces and share in your enthusiasm as we perform this annual community activity and social gathering. BUT, there is something we can do to help!

Due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in this summer, MUST Ministries has had to rethink their method of collecting and distributing food to the children in our communities who still need to be fed on a daily basis. In order to provide for these children, MUST is collecting meal kits for distribution. A meal kit is one bag of 5 meals consisting of an entree and a set-up which includes 2 snacks and a drink.

Since we are unable to meet at the church to gather these kits, we have come up with an alternative means of providing help. First, we will use money from our budget to purchase supplies and have those sent directly to a MUST distribution center. Secondly, we would like to invite you to put together meal kits in your home as a family mission project which you can then deliver to one of two distribution centers. If you would like more information on doing this, please click here.

There are also volunteer opportunities available at the distribution centers for packing items and delivering kits. Please click here if you are interested in helping in that way.

Thank you for considering this year’s unique ways to help feed our children. I look forward to seeing all of you back next summer for our “Sundays in June” for MUST.

Contact me with any questions about helping out.

– Jan Copeland


June 29, 2020 Update:

To all our SPSP family and friends ~

Thanks to your generosity in supporting our Service Ministries, we were able to use part of our MUST budget recently to send summer lunch supplies to one of the distribution centers. Truckloads of snacks, sweets, and entrees were delivered last week to provide meals for the children in our community. According to Cathy, Mt. Bethel’s kitchen coordinator for packing and distribution, the shipment arrived at the most opportune time as their supplies were running low that week. God’s hand was certainly evident in providing when needed!

A second round of supplies is being sent to the Due West distribution center this week. I spoke with Mark, chaplain, and coordinator there, and he was excited to know that they would be able to supply meals to some additional groups that he had recently been asked to include in their distribution area. God continues to provide when needed!

I am so grateful that, in spite of the uncertain times we are facing, we are still able to provide meals for the most vulnerable members of our community. Thank you again for continuing to support our ministries so that we can continue to help our neighbors in need.