In the last year, I have seen a lot of changes in my family. All three of my children have graduated, two from college and one from high school. One is preparing to be a Bible translator in sub-Saharan Africa, another just started her nursing career in a pandemic, and one is figuring out how he wants to launch. In not much more time, I have changed homes, churches, and jobs.

As I joined the staff at St. Peter and St. Paul, I was definitely on the verge of a new phase of life. I just had no idea how new it would be. I trained with Suzy then was your Parish Administrator for about two weeks, before we went to sheltering, working from home, and figuring out a new way to do church together.

When I was trying to decide where to land in this phase, my clear direction from the Lord was to choose carefully who I partner with. I am so grateful to be among you. In these two months, I have seen you figure out how to give food to the hungry when the church doors were shut, make more than 1500 calls in seven weeks to care for one another, and now plans are being made to fill 150 backpacks for students in need. One parishioner is using her socially distant time to restore the labyrinth, another made masks for all the staff and quietly left them in our office mailboxes, and another kind soul continues to put flowers in the women’s restroom when Davina and I are the only two people who are ever there to see them. I can only imagine how many other thoughtful acts of service go unseen by me. I feel so warmly received. Now, all that’s left is to actually meet you.