By: Kim Nancarrow

Our church began serving with There’s Hope For The Hungry in February 2019. This ministry partners with more than 40 churches in Georgia to deliver boxes of food to families in need. Each box of food will feed a family of four for two weeks. Through this group of churches, in 2019, they served 19,817 families (over 54,500 individuals). 

There’s Hope for the Hungry comes to St. Peter and St. Paul on the first Tuesday of every month and, with the help of a dedicated, faithful, and loving group of volunteers from our church, feeds God’s people both physically and spiritually. The ministry provides participants with a box of food and a counseling session where they talk about Jesus and their lives and offer to pray together. 

I first started volunteering in November, and it has been such a blessing to me to work with the wonderful volunteers and people that come in. It is so nice to be able to welcome the visitors into our church. I feel a true connection with each one of them, many of whom come back month after month, updating us on what has been going on in their lives and bringing joy, laughter, and tears.

 In April, we were unable to provide this service due to COVID-19, and it was so disappointing not to be able to serve and connect with those in need, especially now. Fortunately for May, the SPSP team led by Roger Winton and Tom Martin were able to put a drive-by plan in place with distributing boxes of food outside of our church. We had six volunteers two – from There’s Hope from the Hungry along with David McGinley, Christy McIntire, Bret Jabout, and myself. We were able to distribute 51 boxes of food in the church parking lot – 24 to new participants and 27 to returning participants. 

During this difficult time, I have been trying to look for the good, and I was able to witness it over and over while serving on Tuesday. The grateful smiles and waves and comments from the participants, the woman who donated food and the one that offered to volunteer, those that offered masks for the church, the couple who was driving by and decided to turn in to donate money. It was such a blessing to be able to serve again, especially knowing that we were standing on the shoulders of the full SPSP team of planners and volunteers who have made this program possible for over a year.

You were all on my heart and in my prayers throughout the day, and I missed being with all of you in person, but I felt your presence. Without all of you, we couldn’t have been there for God’s children in this time of increased need. It was truly a testament to what God is doing through SPSP and how we are able to be a light in the darkness. Thank you to all of you who work so hard to keep this ministry going and to all of SPSP for supporting it. As you read this, I hope that you will join me in praying for the families that we serve, and all of those in need, as well as those that make programs like There’s Hope for the Hungry possible.