By: Chuck Matheson

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew has stayed active during the Shelter in Place order by the State. Every other Saturday at 8:00 am the Brotherhood chapter of St. Peter & St. Paul has met virtually using the Zoom application to study the Gospel and to engage with other Brothers in fellowship. We have taken advantage of several of the features of Zoom, including using the Chat feature to collect a Prayer List distributed to all Brothers and have used Breakout Rooms to have smaller discussions. The average attendance has been between 25 to 30, so breakouts of 4 to 5 men allow for everyone to comment on the Gospel and share with a few other men the questions raised by the Bible Study facilitator.

You may not know that every man who is a member of the Episcopal Church is automatically a member of the National Brotherhood of St. Andrew. Everyone is invited to join our virtual local chapter meetings on Saturday mornings. These virtual meetings will continue for the foreseeable future. If you would like an invitation, please contact Chuck Matheson, or Keith Purser. Zoom is easy to use on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Ask us if you need help setting up Zoom. The next two meetings are May 16th and May 30th.