TUESDAY, March 31, 2020

James 1:4
Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking for anything.

Some of my earliest memories of my childhood were of me walking to my dad’s lumberyard after school and “working”. I would sweep the floor in the carpenter shop and sort spilled nails back into their respective bins. I’d stick around until the end of the business day and ride home with my dad. I remember getting paid with a ten-dollar bill for my weeks’ worth of hard work!

When we were kids, my older sister and I were encouraged by our musically talented mother to take up a musical instrument. Somehow our younger brother escaped this fate! My sister chose the clarinet; I decided I would play the drums. I was around twelve or thirteen when I had completed what seemed like years of lessons. This was the era of Rock and Roll bands.

Four friends of mine decided to start a group of their own (The Mods) and asked me to be their drummer! How exciting!! I borrowed a used set of drums from an older friend of mine and we started practicing in the basement of my house. I have no idea how my mother survived the noise! After a few weeks, I decided it was time to have my own set of drums. My mom brought me to look at drums at Bush Music Center. It was magical! Here was this awesome set on display that was multi-colored and dazzling! All the components were there: the bass drum, snare, tom-toms, two cymbals, and a high hat! All this for $600.00.

Mr. Bush agreed to put the set on layaway for me and I gave him the first $10.00 as a down payment, Every Saturday afternoon for over a year I would stop in to make my $10.00 payment. I remember when I still owed about $50.00, Mr. Bush begged me to please take the set home. He couldn’t stand watching me come in every week and not be able to use them.

I learned some valuable lessons back then and continue to learn today.

It’s a lot like Faith:

1. When you persevere, you mature, and character is formed
2. It builds trust with others
3. It taught delayed gratification
4. To experience the reward and satisfaction of completing the task.

Just keep on going every day no matter what the circumstances and enjoy the satisfaction and joy when things are complete, not lacking for anything.

Praise be to God

Steve Hadley