Response to actions of the 2015 General Convention:

In 2015, The General Convention of the Episcopal Church met and discussed many issues, including the question of approving marriage for same-sex couples. Knowing that this issue would be discussed at General Convention that summer, the clergy, officers and vestry of St. Peter & St. Paul discussed these issues over several months in the spring. We prepared for the possibility that General Convention might approve same-sex marriage by discussion, prayer and deliberation, and prepared the following statement in case that approval was given. General Convention did approve same-sex marriage where permitted by the bishop, while also retaining the authority of bishops, rectors and clergy to decline to conduct these rites. The following statement, previously prepared, was then made public on the following Sunday, July 4, 2015:

In response to recent actions of General Convention, the clergy and vestry would like to clarify our support for the historic Christian understanding of marriage found in scripture and the Book of Common Prayer. We will not conduct same-sex weddings or blessings, and we will continue to extend the grace and love of Jesus Christ to all people. The clergy and vestry welcome the opportunity to speak with parishioners personally about these issues. Please pray that we all will engage with each other respectfully, especially where there are differences.

The clergy and vestry also congratulate the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, Bishop of North Carolina, upon his election as the new Presiding Bishop. Bishop Curry is the first African American to serve as Presiding Bishop. Please pray for Bishop Curry and for the whole church.

For a brief overview of related issues, see this handout from a class on Christian Ethics (part of a larger series).