Son of God

The design for the Son of God window depicts three scenes from the life of Jesus. Each scene illustrates various aspects of Jesus’ duality as human and divine. Featured in the central lancet is the story of Jesus among the Doctors, the first recorded example of Christ’s teaching. A twelve-year old Jesus stands in the foreground surrounded by the Temple elders, who listen intently as the boy engages in learned debate. In his hands, Jesus holds a scroll symbolizing the Old Law and the Gospels. In the background, Mary and Joseph, who had been searching for him, stand at the Temple entrance. At left, the scene of Jesus in the Carpenter Shop depicts Joseph instructing his faithful son the trade of carpentry. Jesus’ Temptation, the forty days and forty nights Jesus spent in the desert, tempted by then devil, is recalled in the lancet at right. The upper symbols include a lamb with a tri-radiant nimbus- the Agnus Dei or Lamb of God and an oil lamp revealing a cloven flame of fire, symbolizing the inspiring word of God.

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