Old Testament

The tracery of the Old Testament window depicts the story of the Creation of Heaven and Earth as described in Genesis I. The upper most panel features the Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, signifying that Christ is the beginning and the end of all things. Directly below, we find the Agnus Dei, or Lamb of God and the dove of the Holy Spirit as it descends from Heaven. Seven scenes follow, each illustrating particular moments as the heavens and the earth were brought into existence. All seven days of creation have been represented: the sun, moon and stars; the sky of morning and evening; the earth and its bountiful vegetation; swarms of living creatures including the winged birds, fish and wild creatures such as the giraffe; and finally humankind- male and female, living souls, created in his image.

The Old Testament theme continues with events described in the books of Genesis, Jonah, and Ruth. Moving counter clockwise, Beginning with the left panel of the predella, and moving counter-clockwise, is the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), Noah and his Ark (Genesis 7), Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2-4), David the Psalmist- the shepherd boy who became king, Jonah and the Great Fish (Jonah 1), Moses Receiving the Law, Moses Crossing the Red Sea, and finally Abraham and the Three Angels (Genesis 18: 1-19).

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