Foyers Means Friends, Food and Fellowship

Foyers comes to us from a tradition in the Church of England. Foyers, the French word for hearth or fireplace, meet in member’s homes or some other place of the groupʼs choosing. These small groups of 8-10 people (couples or singles) experience the warmth of fellowship and serve as models of Christian community. Foyers meet monthly in the home of one of the members of the group. A group captain hosts the first gathering. Meeting places and meals are decided by the group. There is no agenda, no pressure, no soul-baring required. Just have fun getting to know fellow parishioners you might not have met before. It is simply a time to share warm friendship with fellow Christians.

Groups are rearranged twice a year. Stay in the program and you will meet many, many people you might not have met otherwise. Casual gatherings in homes are a step beyond chatting in the narthex or parish hall before or after services.

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