Church Clergy

The Reverend Thomas C. Pumphrey, Rector

Pumphrey Thomas

The Rev. Thomas C. Pumphrey became the fifth Rector of St. Peter & St. Paul in October, 2013. Tom grew up in Ohio, studied engineering at Cornell University and worked in sales and product management at Lincoln Electric, an industrial manufacturer headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2004, served for five years as the Rector of St. Marks, Honey Brook, PA and for four years as an Associate at St. David’s, Wayne, PA. Tom has extensive experience in Congregational Development, Discipleship, Pastoral Care and Communications ministries, and he served as a Vestry Consultant and Leadership Trainer in the diocese of Pennsylvania. He is also an avid whitewater kayaker. Tom writes”I am deeply moved by God’s love in my life, in the grace of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. I am moved to answering God’s calls, stewardship of God’s gifts and sharing the reconciling and transforming love of Jesus Christ.”


The Reverend Elisa P. Harres, Associate Rector

Harres, Elisa

St. Peter and St. Paul welcomed The Rev. Elisa Parker Harres as associate rector in October 2008. Mtr Elisa has served as a chaplain at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta, and in parishes in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. She is a graduate of Trinity l for Ministry, Ambridge, Pa., with a degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University.